Chestnuts 2020

by Charles NovoGradac September 01, 2020

It is hard to believe that we planted our first chestnut trees in 1995, twenty-five years ago.  In that time we have experienced just about every weather and pest event possible.  This spring we had some late frosts which may have affected the size of our harvest.  In addition, excessive rains in the last several years have caused flooding in the lower parts of the orchard and killed some of the largest, oldest trees.  And, finally, Charlie has been thinning out trees as the orchard is crowded now after 25 years and the trees need to see more sun.  So until late September, we won't really know what the harvest looks like.  At that point we will determine if we can open the on-line store and if we can allow pick your own.  

Bear with us and we will send out a notice to everyone who has purchased in the past and signed up for the newsletter. 




Charles NovoGradac
Charles NovoGradac


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