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Chestnuts in the Age of Corona Virus

To our customers: Thursday, September 10, 2020
For the time being, farm sales are temporarily suspended, and access to the farm will be restricted to employees only.

Check this website for further information for the opening for retail sales.  We will update sales information on the home page of our website every Thursday through our chestnut season. 

In this time as Covid 19 reshapes our human lives, you may appreciate how chestnut trees are trying to recover from the chestnut blight, which wiped out American chestnut forests from North America in the 20th century.

We are guardedly optimistic Chestnut Charlie's will be able to sell and ship chestnuts this year.  However, our harvest is just beginning, weather has been unusually challenging this year, and quantities and quality of our chestnuts are still literally "up in the air" until the chestnuts fall.

In addition to the weather challenges, we and many of our chestnut harvesters, inspectors, and packers are among the Covid 19 "vulnerable.".   And the virus is currently on the increase in our college town.  Our usual shipping option, the US Postal service, is understaffed, under funded and likely not able to deliver our packages in a timely manner.  So for all those reasons, we are making decisions slowly and as conditions warrant.  

Thanks for your understanding.