Chestnut Orchard Purchases & Farmers' Market

Purchases at the Chestnut Orchard

As much as we love talking chestnuts with chestnut lovers and showing off our orchard, we are not able to accommodate walk in customers during the harvest season.  After harvest, we will post the dates and times we will be set up for on-farm purchases.  Please contact us if you wish to visit the orchard.  It is very helpful for us to be able to prepare your order in advance. 

Lawrence Farmers’ Market

Chestnut Charlie's will be at the Lawrence Farmers' Market on November 17th, the last day for the market before the Thanksgiving holiday. This is the best place to enjoy a cone full of hot roasted chestnuts and pick up your fresh chestnuts.

If the weather is very cold and/or rainy, we will have market hours at the orchard from 8-12pm.     

Pick Your Own Chestnuts

We had to cancel the pick your own chestnuts this year due to heavy rains.  

If you would like to join us to pick your own chestnuts next season, please contact us and let us know that you are interested in pick-your-own.  We will send a notice when the dates are available and set up a reservation time with you.


"Just wanted to follow up and thank you for the great customer service you have provided me with. My friend in AZ got the chestnuts yesterday and I am flying there tomorrow for the weekend. Perfect timing!  Thanks again."        Fanny, Arizona